E-Cigarette Truth – Why Is It So Hard To Discover?

Many Americans and other people from around the world are still under the misconception that e-cigarettes are as bad, if not worse than traditional cigarettes. So, what’s the issue?

It’s hard to blame the general public for being cautious about e-cigarettes. For many people that grew up in the sixties and seventies, and earlier, cigarettes were promoted as being great for you. For decades big tobacco companies lied to the general public about the dangers associated with cigarettes and even celebrities and doctors told people how great cigarettes were for you.

You would think on the back of this that health officials would be wary about e-cigarettes, but also intelligent enough to weigh up the pros and cons. A recent article published online by USA Today has also weighed into the debate.

What’s the Real Issue with E-Cigarettes?

Fear and money are two of the biggest issues facing e-cigarettes and vaping. Governments fear supporting any product, regardless of how much safer it is, that’s associated with tobacco.

A study undertaken by Public Health UK showed that e-cigarettes and vaporizers could be as high as 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Not only safer than cigarettes but also that e-cigarettes are one of the most effective smoking cessation aids currently available to smokers around the world. So, why isn’t everyone getting behind e-cigarettes?

One factor is addiction. While many people quit smoking cigarettes with e-cigarettes, they continue to use their e-cigarettes. Most e-cigarettes contain e-liquid or e-juice which still has nicotine as one of the main ingredients.

Whats the Deal With Nicotine?

Nicotine strikes fear into the hearts of governments. For many countries or organizations, nicotine is the devil. When you combine that with articles and stories on mainstream media about e-cigarettes being attractive to children because of flavors, you have two factors which are causing many governments to fear vaping and e-cigarettes.

Money is the next issue. Many people assume big tobacco would be worried about vaping, but that’s not true at all. There are plenty of tobacco companies coming out with their own vaping products. No, it’s pharmaceutical companies that doesn’t want you to try quitting with an e-cigarette.

They’re making a fortune selling nicotine gums, nicotine sprays, prescription medication and nicotine patches as nicotine cessation aids. They have no interest in you successfully quitting smoking; they just want you to keep trying and failing.

What Do the Statistics Say About E-Cigarettes?

Currently, there are over 38 million Americans smoking traditional cigarettes. Meanwhile, a recent study has shown that using e-cigarettes to quit smoking is twice as effective as other quit smoking aids.

So, why hasn’t everyone switched to e-cigarettes? Even if you don’t quit using e-cigarettes, they could be as 95% better for you than cigarettes and a whole lot cheaper. Why? Because they don’t know, that’s why.

During a recent poll, 53% of people surveyed responded that they believed e-cigarettes were worse for you than traditional cigarettes, while 23% said they weren’t sure. That means that ¾ of people surveyed didn’t know the truth about vaping.

What is The Advantage of E-Cigarettes?

The problem isn’t tobacco or nicotine; it’s the delivery method. It’s the combustion process associated with traditional cigarettes which causes the most harm and puts smokers at higher risks of cancer and heart disease. Not tobacco or nicotine.

79% of people surveyed in the same McLaughlin poll believed that it was nicotine which was the dangerous part of cigarettes and e-cigarettes. While another 9% weren’t sure. That means that only 12% of people surveyed understood the truth about cigarettes.

In Conclusion

So far, the FDA has approved three other nicotine delivery systems, lozenges, patches and gum as quit smoking aids. Despite all the studies showing e-cigarettes as more effective as quit smoking aids, the FDA is making it harder for smokers to access them. While their aim may be to prevent children and teen vaping, is the FDA doing a disservice to smokers by making e-cigarettes so hard to access?

Only time will tell. While no one wants to see teenagers taking up e-cigarettes, could the focus of the FDA be better directed towards educating teenagers about addiction rather than preventing 38 million smokers have a better chance of quitting smoking? Only time will tell.

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